Dog Walking & Pop in Pet Service Price List


We aim to provide professional, high-quality dog walking and pop in pet care services in the Colchester area at competitive and affordable rates.


There are several standard options available, but you can always contact us to enquire about tailoring our services to your particular needs.


Dog Walking Prices


Our dog walker rates vary according to whether we walk your dog by itself or as part of a small group. Prices are available for half or full hour dog walks.


Solo Dog Walking Prices


Solo dog walks are great for one-on-one attention, stimulation and exercise. We can walk your dog on its favourite route near your house, or, for a change of scenery, explore one of Colchester's green spaces or nearby countryside trails.


1 hour - £16                                 ½ hour - £12


We can also put together a small group if you have two or more dogs in your household for £10 per extra dog.


Please note that in Winter or particularly bad weather days, we will reduce the actual walk time from one hour to 45 minutes to allow us time to clean and dry your dog, so that it looks pristine and doesn't cover your home in mud.


Group Dog Walking Prices


Group dog walks are a great outing and are invaluable in providing socialisation and companionship for your dog. We'll consult with you extensively first and only put groups of dogs together that are likely to get on well.


Furthermore, the safety and well-being of your dog are paramount, so we'll only have as many dogs in the group as we are able to handle effectively, usally this is up to 4-5 dogs.


                                       1 hour - £10                                


If you have two or more dogs in your home, we can add an additional dog for £6.



Pop in Pet Care Prices 


Pop in pet care visits are ideal for cats and other smaller animals whilst you at work, on holiday or away for extended periods of time for other reasons. Please note this service is not suitable for dogs, as they are sociable animals and need more attention.


Typically, we pop in to give your pet water, food and much-needed cuddles and attention. We also clear out cages and trays, give medicines or other care as required.


We can also tend to your house too, including watering your plants and ensuring the house looks lived-in, such as switching lights on and off, opening and closing curtains and any other activities that are likely to deter criminals.



1 hour - £10                  half hour - £8                    15 minutes - £5


We can also split this service so your pets can have two visits per day.


2 x half hour visit - £15                         2 x 15 minute visit - £12                


We add an additional £1 per 10 minutes over an hour


Colchester Areas Covered:


We are based in Eastern Colchester and the majority of our clients live in the areas mentioned below. Please contact us if you are interested in our services but live outside these neighbourhoods.


  • Greenstead/Longridge

  • Highwoods

  • Elmstead Market

  • Wivenhoe

  • Alresford

  • Thorrington

  • Frating


Clients outside these areas are subject to a 0.47p/mile out of area charge.

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Pop In Visits


7am-9:30am and again from 4:30pm-6pm

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Maddie's Companion Care offers professional dog walking and pop in pet care service in Colchester, Essex. 


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